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About us

Bucharest, 5th of March 2019

Arbos Open Day Bucuresti

ARBOS EASTERN EUROPE, the exclusive importer and distributor of ARBOS in Romania, Bulgaria and the Republic of Moldova announces its official launch on the market, positioning itself as a long-term partner for Romanian, Bulgarian and Moldovan farmers. ARBOS EASTERN EUROPE enjoys the confidence of well-established international investors, with cross-sector activities from real estate and services to agriculture in Romania. In particular, since several years, the investors successfully developed cereal and specialized farming and import and distribute exclusively NEW HOLLAND brand in Romania via AGROCONCEPT IMPEX.

ARBOS EASTERN EUROPE, run by a fully independent management, is benefiting from investors` experience and fulfils their vision of regional expansion, aiming at becoming a market leader in its specific segment.

In December 2018, ARBOS EASTERN EUROPE signed in Bucharest an exclusive distribution agreement with ARBOS GROUP Spa. for Arbos, Goldoni and Lovol brands. In a very short time, ARBOS EASTERN EUROPE (Romania) and ARBOS BALKAN (Bulgaria) set up a professional sales and after-sales team and started commercial operations.

Arbos Open Day Bucuresti

ARBOS GROUP and ARBOS EASTERN EUROPE strategy for Eastern European region is a unique solution for farmers looking for an optimal investment planning, by offering a great value for money and a simple -though modern- technical solution.

The focus is towards four different segments of the market: SMALL (series 2000 and 3000 from 25 to 70hp) with a very competitive price, featuring updated technology and 24 months warranty; OPEN FIELD (series 5000 from 110 to 140 hp – and soon up to 240 hp), a complete new tractor combining modern technology with simple solutions and competitive price, aiming at total reliability and 36 months warranty; SPECIALTY (former GOLDONI series from 20 to 110 hp), highly specialized equipment for vineyards, orchards, vegetables and specialized crops; IMPLEMENTS -full line, former MATERMACC brand, among others featuring: soil preparation, precision seeders, spreaders, direct tilling, sprayers, etc.

“We are extremely pleased to partner with such a professional and strong organization. ARBOS EASTERN EUROPE will soon become a benchmark for farmers in the region. In 2019 we expect to see Eastern Europe become the most important market in the world for ARBOS” – explained Sales, Marketing & After Sales Director of ARBOS Group, Massimo ZUBELLI.

“After the success of our farming business and the experience of AGROCONCEPT, we are very glad to be able to continue supporting our clients by offering a complementary products line, which enriches our existing range. Our group ambitions of regional expansion also find this project very attractive by adding – on top of Romania – the challenge of covering Bulgaria and Republic of Moldova, two very promising countries for the agricultural sector. ARBOS GROUP Spa. has already proven to be a very valuable partner and we are sure of a long-lasting successful cooperation.” – has declared Tommaso SERRANO, CEO of ARBOS EASTERN EUROPE.

Who we are?

We are a strong team, with all the strengths to become No. 1 on option list for small and medium-sized farmers, in the acquisition of open field and specialized tractors + implements.

Our Values:

We are strong team of professionals, we sells products that we trust and offer complete range of services (financial and after-sales).
We care for our clients, partners and for farmers, thus we care for long term sustainable development in this part of Europe.

Our mission:

We offer to small and medium farmers a full range of tractors open field and specialized, together with full range of implements.

Our vision:

Our vision is to become an important voice in agriculture from Romania, Bulgaria and Republic of Moldavia, by offering great quality products at accessible and fair prices, thus contributing to increase of the average of tractors and implements per farm and increase of productivity in agriculture.

Arbos logo

The most important years in Arbos history:


FIRST STEPS The Bubba family’s epic opens in a small workshop in Santimento (Piacenza, Northern Italy), where they start manufacturing farm implements. Here in 1896 Pietro Bubba realizes its first work: a shelling machine. With the help of the sons (Federico, Salvatore and Artemio) in 1896 Pietro creates his first threshers.


THE FIRST HOTHEAD BUBBA ENGINE In 1923 Ulisse Bubba, son of Federico, made his first hotbulb engined tractors, mounted on CASE wagons: UTC 3, UTC 4 and UTC 5 (U = Ulisse; T = Tractor; C = CASE). In 1926 the UTB 3 tractor (25/30 HP) was born: it is the first tractor 100% Bubba.


UT5, THE MOST POWERFUL EVER BUILT HOTHEAD In 1929 arrive the prototypes UT2 and UT3 (the latter an improved, lightened version of UTB 3, led to 25 hp) and UT5, the most powerful hotbulb tractor ever built: its engine is a twin, derived from the coupling of two horizontal cylinders of UT3.


THE FIRST TRACK TRACTOR In 1936 the first crawler tractor, the C35, based on UT6; it was also called UT6C. Two years after Bubba Corporation produces ARIETE (37/45 HP), first tractor Bubba designed not by Ulisse, but by engineers Emmanueli and Giorgi.


LO5, THE LAST HOTHEAD BY BUBBA In 1950 Bubba produced its last hothead engined tractor, the LO5 (45 HP); also the tracked LO 6 was designed, but never produced.


BUYING ARBOS, BICYCLE FACTORY In 1952 Mr. Lodigiani buys the bicycle factory ARBOS (acronym from Araldi and Boselli, the two founders) in San Lazzaro (Piacenza) and moves the plant to Santimento. Here Arbos starts producing combines, the first prototype mounting a MT 52 Deutz air-cooled engine. MT 100 A and 100 B follow, this latest being the version for rice.


BUBBA TO ARBOS-BUBBA In 1954 the Bubba becomes ARBOS-BUBBA. In 1956 go into production the 100 C combine (both wheeled or tracked) and Skylark 650 mounting a Fiat Diesel engine, followed by 1000 Super and 750 Super.


AMERICANS BUY ARBOS In 1964 WHITE buys ARBOS Spa. The following year comes the 1220, the new European flagship. In a few years, the range expands: 1220, 780, Record, 120 Panther, 165 Tiger, 100 Lynx and 125 Jaguar. In 1971 the self-leveling: called Panther 7 Hills, it sports the first 4 sides-leveling system – longitudinal and transversal – worldwide.


THE NEW ARBOS In 1976 ARBOS Spa is taken by Magni brothers and renamed NEW ARBOS. It presents the self-leveling 565 AL and go into production two new self-leveling: 565 A 4L and 705 A 4L.


In 1994 ARBOS definitely closes. It was only four years to celebrate centennial.


Arbos begins a new chapter in its history, whose future is linked to the ambitious “One Belt, One Road” project, the modern Silk Road linking East and West, with a path able to transfer technologies, ideas and culture, considering sustainability and environmental protection.


THE ARBOS PRODUCT RANGE IS HERE At Agritechnica 2017, the entire Arbos product range is officially presented.

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