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Cookie Policy

The website www.arbosromania.com uses cookies.

The information presented in this policy is intended to inform the users of the details regarding the use of cookies by the Site. As a result of the use of these cookies modules, the owners of the Site will receive information that allows to improve your experiences when navigating by increasing the efficiency and accessibility.

 1. What are cookies?

The cookie is a special text, sent by our server to your computer and then sent back to us every time you access the Site. These modules do not contain software, viruses, spyware and cannot access the information stored on your hard disk.

2. What are cookies used for?

Cookies facilitate the recognition of the terminal from which the user accesses the site or its sub-domains, ensuring a relevant presentation of the content, adapted to the user’s previous preferences.

Cookies store information such as previous browsing preferences, language, location, privacy preferences, etc. They are also used in the preparation of aggregated anonymised statistics that facilitate understanding of the user experience on the site, allowing to improve their structure and content, excluding, in most cases, the user’s personal identification.

3. How long is a cookie?

Cookies are managed by the web servers of the Site. The lifetime of a cookie varies depending on the purpose for which it was placed. So: – one session (current session) – deletes when leaving the Site; – keeping the user session active: 30 days; – making the customer’s shopping basket: 1 year; – maintaining user acceptance of the Cookie Policy.

4. Cookies used by the Site

4.1. Session cookies – these cookies are temporarily stored until the user leaves the Site; 4.2. Persistent cookies – are those stored on the hard drive of the user’s computer or other equipment used for access (eg phone, tablet, etc.);

4.3. Performance cookies – retain the user’s preferences, no need to set them to each use of the Site;

4.4. Visitor analysis cookies – a third party generates a cookie to monitor unique visitors and frequency of visits;

4.5. Geo-targeting cookies – set the geographical coordinates of the users;

4.6. Third-party cookies – The site uses plug-ins from social networks to allow you to register and log in. For information on how third parties use cookies, please access their privacy policies.

5. Cookies placed by third parties

Certain sections of the Site may be provided through third parties (e.g. Google, Facebook, Brat-Online, DoubleClick, etc.), such as: – authentication through Google and / or Facebook accounts – public information (name, email) is obtained from the accounts of the respective websites. When the user chooses this option, a warning pop-up is shown by the respective “third party” in the Site, and the user is asked to accept or deny access to information (in the pop-up it is clearly specified what information is requested access ) – gathering information for statistics (Google analytics, Adwords, Remarketing, etc.). These third parties may in turn place cookies through the Website and have the obligation to comply with the law in the field and the privacy policy of the owner of the Site.

6. Purpose of the use of cookies

A visit to the Site may place cookies for the following purposes: – your authentication and identification on the Site; – use of the Site (eg the “product comparisons” section); – analyze the site of the visitors; -evaluation of how you use the Site so that we can improve it; – withholding your preferences when using the Website; – geo-targetting (user analysis by geographical coordinates); – advertising (advertising banners).

7. Ways to stop / delete cookies

You can delete cookies on your hard drive at any time or bypass cookies by configuring your browser to reject them or to notify you when a cookie is placed on your hard drive. For more information about making cookie settings, visit the “help” option of your browser. If you have disabled the use of cookies, there is a possibility that some services of the Website may not work or do not work correctly. Currently, browsers offer “help” regarding cookie settings. For more details, please access the links below:

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Google Chrome

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